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Organique Pharma, Inc. is a multinational company based in the USA focused on the development of innovative formulas for beauty and health.

Organique Pharma has a patented formula in 53 countries which allows the production of more than 84 new and innovative products for body care, related to dermocosmetics, pharma and cosmetics.

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Powerful new formula with harmless raw materials. Get this unique formula for your company to develop YOUR OWN COSMETIC PRODUCT for retails, professional centers or OTC.

Helps to REDUCE body measurement with detoxifying effects on the skin and appearance of the corporal volume.

Formula & Raw Ingredients approved by FDA.

UNIQUE FORMULA patented around the world.

Formulated to be parabens free and designed to be used with the addition of Essential oils,
Botanic or Fruits Extracts.




Detoxificant skin treatment and body volume appearance.
Helps to REDUCE up to 2.5-inch from the FIRST APPLICATION.


1 weekly application by 5 weeks and 1 monthly application later.

Only 10 minutes of application, results are immediate.

Detox skin treatment.

Helps to decrease body measurements.

Helps to decrease the metabolic age.



Facial Treatment and cleansing with Hyaluronic Acid IMMEDIATE LIFTING EFFECT


Only 10 minutes of application, results are immediate.

2-3 weekly applications.

Use at night.

Lifting effect with a facial drainage.

Helps to REDUCE wrinkles, eye bugs and dewlap with a prolonged effects.

What we are Looking for

Organique Pharma is a company in a global expansion process and its looking forward to finding companies of excellence to generate commercial alliances within the 53 countries where its formula is patented. Together we can face a worldwide growing demand for natural and effective products for health and body care.

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  • Licensing laboratories



What we offer

Our formulas have had a strong impact on the Cosmetic Markets thanks to immediate, visible and measurable results from the very first application. Endorsed by clinical studies directed by our medical chief, prestigious external institutions and by thousands of users who have attested to our results in the market. The evolution of science allows the creation of this type of formulas.

They are not miracles but part of a new development in the cosmetic industry, where natural made products with high effectiveness are in tremendous demand. Our products have a truly and positive impact on the human body, penetrating deeply into the skin layers and eliminating toxins within minutes.

Clinical trials results

Clinical Trials Results





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